Your Outsourced Accounting Team

Every LTBD client gains the benefit of working with a complete team of accounting professionals. These professionals are trained and positioned to support your needs as an integrated, unified team just as if you were hiring, training and managing your own complete accounting department — except at a fraction of the cost and without the work of having to build it yourself. These team members include:

  • Accounting Support Professional — This individual focuses on managing the collection, data entry, coding and management of accurate accounting records and related processes.
  • Staff Accountant — The Staff Accountant is responsible for day-to-day accounting activity and execution, including accounts payable (A/P), accounts receivable (A/R) and other ongoing functions.
  • Accounting Manager — The Accounting Manager works closely with the Staff Accountant and the Accounting Support Professional to review, evaluate and approve work as well as run reports, perform analysis, and supervise the overall accounting activities.
  • Controller — The Controller is the person responsible for accounting accuracy, timeliness and compliance. This individual works with the other team members to protect the organization’s cash flow, maintain accurate account balances and ensure that funds are moving consistently each month, quarter and year to support the needs of the business.
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) — The CFO is the senior member of the accounting team, charged with interpreting and presenting accounting information and findings to the CEO and working proactively to identify, recommend and support execution of growth financing and operational support activities involving the accounting and financial functions.

At LTBD, every client receives the benefit of this full-scale range of talent and expertise — providing you with unparalleled capabilities right from the start.

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