Step 2: LTConfig


Based on recommendations from LTAssess, LTBD’s experts will configure your accounting systems and processes to work efficiently with our capabilities and the new outsourced accounting department assigned to your organization. This phase may take as little as 7 days or as long as 60 days, depending upon complexity and alignment. Once LTConfig is complete, we will be ready to take on day-to-day responsibility for your accounting operations, beginning on the first day of LTEngage. The LTConfig process includes these components:

  • Document, build and test all core processes
  • Upgrade, enhance and configure QuickBooks Premier™
  • Develop collaboration with other departments:
    • CEO
    • Business Development
    • Program or Market Teams
    • Operations/HR
    • Board or Shareholders
    • Outside Providers
  • Build Reporting Package
  • Establish key meetings, projects and parameters
  • Assign LTEngage team and define schedule

After LTConfig, we’re ready to proceed with the third and final step — LTEngage.

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After LTConfig, we’re ready to proceed with step three, LTEngage.

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