Case Study: Beyond20

Leading the Path to Business Transformation


Industry: Information Technology, Training & Development

Recent research by major information technology analyst firms such as Gartner demonstrates that approximately 80% of all mission-critical IT downtime issues are the result of failures involving people and processes, whereas only 20% are due to actual flaws or failures of the underlying technology. Recognizing that most IT firms focus on only fixing technical issues (and thus only addressing the root causes of 20% of IT failures), Erika and Brian Flora saw a need in the marketplace for a firm that develops solutions for the people and process factors impacting the other 80% of root causes — in other words, focusing on everything “Beyond 20”.

Founded in 2006, Beyond20 is exactly that: an information technology consulting and training firm that focuses on the people and process factors that make or break the vast majority of technology projects. With offices in Washington, D.C., Phoenix and San Diego, the firm has built an enviable track record of success serving a mix of commercial and government clients, including Cisco, Chase, Verizon, Emerson, Freddie Mac, Humana, Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. Department of Commerce, NASA and others.

Today, the firm focuses on three primary areas of IT practice: process consulting, training, and software implementation for IT Service Management in areas such as help desk automation. With more than a decade of growth under their belts, both Erika and Brian are focused on building the company to the next level in the coming decade.

To that end, they evaluated their operations and looked at ways to achieve dramatic improvements across the enterprise. One area of opportunity they identified was accounting. Specifically, the firm felt it would benefit from greater visibility into its finances and a more streamlined overall process. After asking other business owners and partners for suggestions, they were referred to LTBD.

After reviewing the firm’s qualifications and selecting to partner with LTBD, the team at Beyond20 immediately began to experience the benefits of LTBD’s unique approach. In addition to weekly support from a member of their LTBD outsourced accounting team, Beyond20 and receives monthly support from their outsourced CFO. This means that everything — from the basics of proper bookkeeping categorization, all the way to complex budgeting and forecasting – is being taken care of on behalf of their business.

Some of the other benefits that Beyond20 experienced include better visibility into their financial reporting, an increase in their own ‘financial literacy’ and confidence in making complex financial decisions as business owners, and a stronger and more disciplined approach to strategic decisions along with forecasting and budgeting.

“By choosing not only to pursue the outsourced accounting model, but also specifically to partner with LTBD, we’ve experienced outstanding results across the board,” says Erika Flora, the president of Beyond20. “We are able to get more done in less time, increase visibility into our operations, and therefore focus on leading our business, not just operating it.” In large part as a result of their success with LTBD, Beyond20 is now focusing its attention on diversifying its products and services, as well as growing its footprint in the information technology industry.