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Associations and nonprofits face unique accounting challenges in today’s environment. Fiscal accountability fueled by healthy skepticism from funders, donors and the public requires a highly transparent approach to accounting and finance. Stakeholders want to know where the money comes from, where it goes and what is done with it at every turn.

In addition, stringent requirements for auditing and accountability at the government level demand a clear, systematized approach that can instantly answer questions and provide assurances to protect the reputation and status of your 501(c)3 or 501(c)6 entity.

LTBD understands these responsibilities and brings our proven expertise to bear in supporting association and nonprofit executives and boards. We’ve worked with some of the most recognized associations and nonprofits in greater Washington as they sought to improve oversight, enhance transparency, improve board governance, support data-driven decision-making and define future strategies as clearly and effectively as possible.

Our combination of the LTBD Three-Step Process and our dedicated, full-service Outsourced Accounting Team delivers highly powerful capabilities to our association and nonprofit clients. Together, we’ll ensure that your accounting processes are well-defined, modeled after best practices, effectively functioning and accurately delivering the results you need.

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