LTBD: Driving the Dynamics of Business™

What drives your business? How do you define growth and success for your organization? Whether you lead a private company, an association or a nonprofit entity, operational efficiency and effectiveness is essential to your day-to-day live and your long-term goals.

One of the most critical functions in your organization is your accounting capability. For many executives, this area of the enterprise is extremely difficult to manage confidently and with an eye toward success. Myriad compliance requirements, a constant flood of deadlines and numerous time-critical dependencies make accounting an extremely challenging function to build, manage and lead effectively.

LTBD recognizes this challenge and has developed a uniquely tailored solution designed specifically to reduce the burdens associated with the accounting function, while at the same time improving accounting outcomes.

The Leader in Outsourced Accounting Solutions

LTBD has become a recognized leader in the development and delivery of outsourced accounting solutions, and we’ve achieved this by creating, fine-tuning and mastering processes and standards that we know are critical to accounting success. These areas of focus include:

  • Accounting systems and processes
  • Accounting standards
  • Accounting software configuration
  • Internal controls
  • Strategic financial planning
  • Compliance reporting
  • Professional development

When you retain LTBD as your outsourced accounting solution provider, you gain the benefits of a firm that provides:

  • Comprehensive, proven professional capabilities
  • A dedicated, local presence with in-person engagement
  • Support from a complete team, not just one or two individuals
  • Strategic capabilities that help the CEO make better decisions for the future of the enterprise

Our Areas of Expertise

Our proven expertise includes unique capabilities tailored to the needs of three distinct operating entities:


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