The LTBD Three-Step Process

We’ve learned what it takes to make an outsourced accounting engagement successful, and that’s why at LTBD we use a unique, three-step process with every client. These three steps include:

  • LTAssess — Our professionals will come into your organization and perform a comprehensive, rapid assessment of your accounting systems, processes, standards and procedures, as well as examining the current status accounting activities and tasks. We will then issue a summary assessment and create a formal engagement proposal for subsequent steps.
  • LTConfig — Once you sign off on the findings of LTAssess and decide to proceed with LTBD, our experts will configure your accounting systems and processes to work efficiently with our capabilities and the new outsourced accounting department we will be providing to your business, association or nonprofit. This phase may take as little as 7 days or as long as 60 days, depending upon complexity and alignment. Once LTConfig is complete, we will be ready to take on day-to-day responsibility for your accounting operations, beginning on the first day of LTEngage.
  • LTEngage — Now that we’ve completed LTAssess and LTConfig, we’re ready to engage with you on all thrusters. Standards will be set, schedules created, task plans readied and responsibilities defined. As a result, we can confidently ‘turn the switch’ and our full-service outsourced accounting team will become your dedicated accounting department.

Let LTBD show you how our three-step process can allow your organization to achieve accounting and financial success through efficiency, optimization and leadership — all in partnership with us.

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